Wooden Fire Exit Doors Supplied And Fitted

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Made To Measure

All our wooden fire exit doors can be made to measure to suit any opening.

Custom Colours

We offer our clients timber fire exit doors finished in any colour. Many companies like to provide us with a custom ral code to match there company logo.

Ironmongery Options

We have multiple options for fire exit door ironmongory including

  • Outer Access Handles
  • Single point horizontal panic bars
  • 2 Point panic bars
  • Extra euro dead locks
  • Any much more….

Door Quality

We use the highest quality materials for a long lasting product, this includes

  • Hardwood Frames
  • External Grade Doors
  • Hardwood Lippings
bespoke fire exit door

The Benefits Of A Wooden Fire Exit Door

Choosing wooden or timber fire exit doors brings forth a spectrum of advantages, blending functionality, aesthetics, and ecological considerations. These doors are a compelling choice for those aiming to align safety features with sustainability and economic sensibility.


Wooden fire exit doors are notably cost-effective, offering a balance between initial investment and enduring value. They are an economically sensible option that doesn’t compromise on safety or quality, allowing for accessibility across varying budgets.


In terms of maintenance, the durability of wood translates to less frequent and less costly repairs or replacements over time. Minor damages can generally be resolved with uncomplicated repairs or refinishing, preserving both functionality and appearance with minimal hassle.


Wooden doors, especially when sourced responsibly, serve as a testament to environmental conservation. They are renewable and, when acquired from sustainably managed forests, aid in fostering ecological balance and reducing carbon footprint, making them an eco-friendly option.


The inherent flexibility of wood offers diverse design possibilities and customization, accommodating a range of aesthetic preferences and architectural needs. This adaptability ensures that wooden doors can meet evolving requirements and structural modifications with ease.


In summary, wooden fire exit doors combine affordability, low maintenance, sustainability, and design versatility, making them a preferred choice for many. They represent a thoughtful decision, harmonizing safety, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility, and delivering multifaceted value to any building project.

wooden fire exit drawing

Strategic Planning and Implementation for Wooden Fire Exit Doors

In our commitment to ensuring safety and delivering quality, we meticulously organize and plan every aspect of our wooden fire exit door installations in collaboration with our clients before the actual fitting takes place. Our preparatory process involves extensive discussions to understand the specific needs and preferences of our clients, ensuring each installation is tailored to the unique requirements of the property in question.

To facilitate a comprehensive understanding and mutual agreement on the project’s scope and details, we provide detailed drawings and specifications that accurately represent the envisioned outcome. These documents serve as a visual and textual guide, allowing our clients to envisage the final product and make any necessary alterations or suggestions before the commencement of the installation process. We believe that a clear, shared vision is essential for achieving outcomes that are satisfactory to all parties involved.

Additionally, we furnish the appropriate Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) where necessary, to address and mitigate any potential risks associated with the installation. The provision of RAMS is an integral part of our approach, emphasizing our adherence to safety standards and regulatory compliance, and it ensures that all foreseeable hazards are identified, evaluated, and controlled effectively.

We are steadfast in our dedication to ensuring each project runs seamlessly from inception to completion, eliminating any potential disruptions or delays. By doing so, we strive to uphold our reputation for excellence and reliability, and we aim to exceed client expectations by delivering installations that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This methodical and client-centric approach enables us to forge lasting relationships with our clients, and it underpins our commitment to delivering wooden fire exit doors that are synonymous with safety, quality, and precision.

In conclusion, our holistic and meticulous planning process, in conjunction with our collaborative approach with clients, ensures that each wooden fire exit door we install is of the highest quality, meeting all safety standards and client specifications, guaranteeing smooth workflow and client satisfaction from start to finish.

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